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Anyone who purposefully visits the Darkroom website using any of its web addresses (URLs) regardless whether they create an account and use the website logged in or use the site without their own account, is considered the User.
The Darkroom website accessible via any of its URLs (addresses associated with the website) including its static and dynamically generated webpages as well as its backend engine providing API calls.
Darkroom account consists of an account name, password and an email address (in case it is provided by the user) and is used to login to the Portal and use its services available only to logged in users.
Profile data & Content
Profile data and content apply only to users logged in with their account. It includes all and any information in digital form which the user submits to the Darkroom site irrespective of whether this data or content stays stored on the Darkroom servers.
Usage Information
When people (Users) visit the pages of the Portal, they leave a digital footprint in various forms. This digital footprint is seen as the Usage Information. Examples include the IP address, time and sort of activity - visited pages etc.
The operator is the legal owner of the Darkroom website who has an exclusive full access to the Platform and data stored on it.

General Terms & Conditions

  1. The Darkroom Portal may contain sexually explicit content.
  2. Anyone can create an account on the Darkroom Portal. By creating an account on the Portal, the User agrees to these Terms & Conditions.
  3. When Users create their accounts and log in to the Portal, they express their explicit acknowledgement and consent that they will encounter sexually explicit content and that they comply with all legal conditions to view such content based on the law of the country from where they are using the Portal and that such content does not cause any kind of harm to them.
  4. Any content created by a User and stored in whatsoever way on the Portal must be legal and the User who created it is responsible for its legality. Content which violates this criteria will be immediately removed from the server(s) and the User who created this content will be banned from using the Portal, next to that legal authorities might be notified - should the content represent a criminal offense.
  5. Every User of the Portal agrees to use the Portal's services without any intention to cause harm to the Portal infrastructure or other Users and must refrain from any deliberate act which may compromise the operation of the Portal.
  6. Portal services are open to all Users without any individually imposed restrictions with the exceptions mentioned in the Service and Availability section.
  7. The User agrees to use the site with a good will in mind and not to harass and offend other users, nor exercise any malevolent behaviour while using the Portal.
  8. The operator of the Portal reserves the right to deny the Portal services to individual users without stating the reason.
  9. Users are not allowed to upload or submit any illegal data. Such data will be immediatelly removed and these Users will be banned from using the Portal.
  10. The operator reserves the right to access the content stored on the Platform by the User in order to assess the legality of the stored content.
  11. The operator reserves the right to monitor the Portal in order to ensure its effective and secure operation.
  12. The operator reserves the right to access the Users' profile data in order to troubleshoot problems or improve the services, performance and security of the Portal.

Privacy and Security

  1. For a detailed explanation please read out Privacy, Security and Data Protection Policy.

Service Availability

  1. Portal services are designed to provide a 24/7 operation.
  2. The operator of the Portal cannot be held responsible for any consequences stemming from an inadvertent downtime of the Portal services.
  3. The operator of the Portal reserves the right to impose performance based restrictions in order to ensure service continuity. Such restrictions must be imposed globally without targeting individual Users.
  4. The operator of the Portal reserves the right to refuse access to the Portal services to Users who appear to cause hindrance or harm to the site or other users. It is up to the Portal provider to assess and identify such behaviour.

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