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What makes us different? We value privacy and openness. But for us these are not just empty words - we build this website with these aspects being constantly on our mind. We see many (large) websites and apps which all share their users' data or data about how their users use these sites with other companies. What that effectively means is that you are sacrificing your privacy. We believe that it can be done the right way. The way that all your most intimate fantasies, talks and experiences stay safe on one place where only you decide with whom you are going to share them.

We put a great emphasis on privacy and transparency. That's why we chose to build Darkroom as a web based platform - by using a web browser you can always easily see where your data flows - in case of Darkroom site, your data is transferred only between your device and our servers. We do not share your data nor the way how you use our website with third parties. With apps for mobile devices you cannot get this level of transparency and it is not that easy to see who else is monitoring what. The client side of our platform is built the way that should you desire so, you can read through the code and see for yourself that we do not collect any additional information from your devices.
As mentioned in the Privacy Policy we do not make use of any external parties which would have insight into your data or the way you are using the Darkroom site. We strongly believe that such practices present a serious breach of the promise that you can feel free and safe when using sites like Darkroom. We do not deploy any tracking cookies whatsoever and we do not collect any data on how you or anyone else is using our site. Please note that while safeguarding privacy we do not allow for any illegal activities on Darkroom site and particularly illegal content will be dealth with quickly and appropriately.
Unique Access Control
When using our site, you have complete control over who can see your profile and pictures. Our unique way of access control allows you to determine at any moment who can see your profile or your photos - Darkroom website allows you to control access to your individual photos and to your profile per individual user.
Darkroom website is using the latest technologies in programming for both its back-end services and the user interface. This allows us to achieve an effective ratio of performance and scalability. Our website is using a custom designed robust engine which takes care of data processing and delivers the data to your browser by the means of dynamic HTML5 pages, CSS3 and powerful JavaScript solutions. The drawback is that we do not and will not support any web browsers which do not support the aforementioned technologies.
On Darkroom you can exchange private messages with other guys. Next to that you can join our unique interactive chat with chatrooms - you can create your own chatrooms - where you can control with whom to chat and how to chat. In the chatroom you can choose to be completely anonymous, i.e. you can choose your identity to be completely independent from your Darkroom profile. Please note that our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions still apply.
All communication with the Darkroom platform - between your computer and our server - is encrypted from the very first moment that you visit our site. We are using modern encryption methods. Unless your device has been compromised previously noone can eavesdrop your messages or any data that you exchange with other peple on the Darkroom servers.
Location and radius search with privacy in mind
We are using maps where you can set your current location or define an area in which you want to search for other guys. In order to safeguard your privacy though we are not using the automatic location detection provided by internet browsers. Automatic location detection allows third parties to track precisely your whereabouts - that goes against our strong privacy mindset - and that's why we have decided to leave this completely up to you to configure the location wherever maps are involved.
Accessibility - Mobile
We are building the Darkroom with mobile devices and ease of control in mind. Our control elements are easy to find, intuitive and work great on both desktop computers and mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.
Valued Feedback
We appreciate every comment you may have on the way our website works and its functions. We also welcome any ideas about new features or improvements/changes of the existing ones.

Play the Men's Way

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