Darkroom Privacy, Security and Data Protection Policy

Responsible way of dealing with your (personal) data.

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In order to protect your privacy, you have to act responsibly too. We strongly encourage you to use a unique strong password and keep this password safe.

  1. Profile data is subject to a protection against anauthorized access and the services provided by the Darkroom Portal protect the profile data accordingly.
  2. Unless explicitly allowed by a User, the User's profile data is not visible to users who are not logged into the Portal.
  3. All users must keep their password and account name/email address (used to log into the Portal) safe and confidential.
  4. In case of suspected compromise of the Users access credentials (account name, email and password), the Portal provides a mechanism allowing the User to block access to his/her account and reset the password.
  5. Our Darkroom site has been built with a cardinal emphasis on your privacy and the fact that you share your personal information via this platform.
  6. Darkroom is taking every effort to protect your profile data.
  7. Darkroom will never pass any data to anyone - let it be personal information, profile data, metadata, usage information or any other information derived from the aforementioned.
  8. All illegal content stored on the Portal by its User(s) will be immediately removed and should the circumstances require so, legal authorities will be notified.
  9. Darkroom won't deliberately use any functions or deploy services which would allow the tracking of our users on the Internet without informing its users about it.
  10. Apart from information which you generate on our site while you are using it (i.e. your profile data, messages, photos) we also store the following technical and potentially personally identifiable data for security and service improvement purposes:
    • Your device's IP address: stored for up to 24 hours or until you delete your account.
    • Type of your browser: stored for up to 24 hours or until you delete your account.
    • Your device operating system: stored for up to 24 hours or until you delete your account.
    The non-technical information is fully under your control and you can delete part or all of it at any moment upon your discretion. When you remove your account, all non-technical and technical data originating from your active use of Darkroom site is deleted immediately.

Services used on Darkroom

  1. Cookies

    Our site is using cookies. Cookies generated by our site are used by our site only - for purposes of the session management and cannot be used by other sites to track your internet activity. We do not deploy any tracking cookies or similar technologies.

  2. Google Maps

    At this moment this is the only third party service used on Darkroom. Please be aware that Google Maps are using (tracking) cookies and may use other technology - beyond our control - which allows tracking of your whereabouts on the Internet. Our site intentionally does not make use of the browser function for automatic location detection (unlike other sites and apps) because this feature gives Google access to your immediate real location.

Some privacy tips

  1. Clear regularly your cookies. Best practice is to clear your cookies every time you quit your browser. Some browsers (Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge) allow you to do this automatically. In other cases you can always clear the cookies manually.
  2. Avoid using public wireless networks - public hotspots. These networks can have rogue devices connected to it which can hack your device.
  3. Our site enforces secure - encrypted - communication between your device and our servers. All modern browsers provide notification - in the address bar - whether a website is communicating securely. Some browsers warn you in case an insecure connection is used. We advise caution whenever you come across a website which is using an insecure connection.
  4. Avoid being constantly logged in ("keep me signed in" feature) to services like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. because then it is much easier to track you personally on the internet.

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